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Do you remember what you received for Christmas last year? How about what you received two years ago? The average individual in the United States spends over $800 during the Christmas season. This begs the questions... did you really get your moneys worth?

What if, instead of giving gifts this year, you gave to something more significant?

This year we are challenging middle school students at the Vineyard Student Union and families in the children ministry in Discoveryland to simplify the gifts they give to family and friends so they can give the same amount to our project.

Remember when you used to make gifts for Christmas? The fact is, it's not about the cost of a gift. Value comes from the heart.

Since most middle school students don't have a ton of expendable income we are also selling Christmas cards. This is a way that students who have limited resources can still give a large amount to the project.

Students aren't the only one's joining the simplification revolution. Some families are also deciding to simplify during the holidays. Families are encouraged to simplify in gifts for family and friends and giving an equal amount to our project.

You also have the ability to make a donation to the project in a friend or family members name. We have awesome certificates available in the Student Union Cafe that explain the project and tells the recipient that a donation has been made in their honor. This is a great way to give a significant gift.

The amazing thing about this project is there are no administrative costs. 100% of all money given will go to raise money to pay for teachers in three orphanages in Cancun, Mexico for this upcoming school Year... let's do it.




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