A project at the Student Union and Discoveryland.  

Over the past five years the middle school students at the Student Union in Cincinnati, Ohio have used the Christmas season as an opportunity to bless others in our community. This year the children's ministry, Discoveryland is joining in too. It is easy for us to become overwhelmed by the consumerism that is all around during this season. We often tell students to celebrate on their birthday, because the fact is, “Christmas is not your birthday”.

Over the past several years we have experienced God’s prompting to do something a little different. We have been partnering with our friends at Back2Back Ministries. Two years ago we raised over $8000 to build an education center for orphans in Jos, Nigeria. Last year we raised $14000 to completely outfit a library for an education center in Monterrey, Mexico. The direction we are headed this year is just as exciting and just as challenging. As we partner with Back2Back through Simplify Christmas we will work to raise money to pay for teachers in three orphanages in Cancun, Mexico for this upcoming school Year. It is our hope that by investing in the education of orphans we are able to help stop the cycle of poverety that many of them are stuck in. The Student Union has set God sized goals for this project and you can play a part in that.

The challenge is easy and refreshing… simplify Christmas. We are asking each of our students to celebrate Jesus’ birthday by spending more simply on our families so that we can give an equal amount for meeting this unprecedented goal.

Over the next several weeks we will be introducing you to the kids of Cancun, Mexico as well as giving you information about the project. We will be collecting money throughout Advent and continue through the end of the year. For tax deductible gifts, simply make your check our to Back2Back Ministries, with Student Union in the memo line.

The truth is, when God chooses to act in the our world… He uses people. During this Advent Season it is our hope and prayer that through simplifying Christmas, God will use middle school students to change the world! Again.


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